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Do you have storm damage from wind or hail? At Integrity Roofing Services, Ltd., we specialize in insurance claim work. We will replace your roof, restoring the secure shape and reliable nature of your roof. What’s more, we work directly with your insurance company to get the job done quickly and effectively. We offer free consultation and estimate services, so call now for a free, no-obligation roof inspection!

If you are looking for insurance-claim and storm-damaged roof replacement specialists? Estess Construction, Inc., a call and let us take care of things. We are hail-damage experts.

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Are you looking for insurance-claim and storm-damaged roof replacement specialists? Give Integrity Roofing Services, Ltd., a call and let us take care of things. We are hail-damage experts.

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Residential and Commercial Insurance Claims
Working your way through the insurance claim process requires specialized guidance. We can provide that assistance, helping you to file the claim, meet your adjuster and explain the scope of work provided by the adjuster for your claim.

Are you looking for quality service from a company that requires no money up-front to start the job? Look no further. Estess Construction, Inc., is that company!

How Does the Claims Process Work?  You must start out by reporting the loss to your insurance claims department. Some of the items to look for when determining if you have damage are: dents in your gutters, bent fins on the air conditioner(s), dented roof cents and pipe caps, and dents in fascia. It will take a professional to assess actual roof damage and is not something that can be done from the ground. All damage may not be readily visible and must be determined by an adjuster. We recommend that you start out by meeting with one of our professionals to help guide you through this process. The most important thing is that you decide what you are claiming before you even start. One of our representatives will help you to make sure that everything in your home is repaired and / or replaced to pre-storm condition.

The insurance adjuster will inspect your roof to give you an accounting of the damage and will submit a written estimate of the cost to put your property back to the condition it was in prior to the storm. If you chose to work with Integrity Roofing Services, Ltd., your representative will be at your home at the time of the inspection to meet with your adjuster. You will receive a statement of loss (itemizing your losses and the estimated costs to repair / replace) in the mail, usually within a few days. The loss statement will reflect the RCV (Replacement Cost Value), the depreciation, your deductible, and the ACV (Actual Cost value) of your loss. Your first check will be the ACV, less your deductible. The depreciation will be held back by the insurance company until the work is completed. Integrity Roofing Services, Ltd., will submit a final invoice to your insurance company upon completion of the work and they will then release your second (and in most cases, final) check which will include the depreciation held back, permit cost and *supplement cost (if any). The checks that you receive may or may not have your mortgage company as a co-payee (depends on the insurance company / mortgage company). In which case, both the homeowner and the mortgage company will need to endorse the check in order to cash it. Integrity Roofing Services, Ltd., will also assist you through this process.

*A “Supplement” is work that was not included in the original Statement of Loss and is an addition that your Integrity Roofing Services, Ltd., representative will submit to the insurance company for approval.

How Much Will This Cost Me?
The majority of the time, you will not have to pay one penny over your deductible. The only additional money that you may owe will be if you chose to upgrade material, have repairs done beyond the insurance scopes, etc. 

What Type Of Roof Will Your Company Install?

We can install any material available in the United States. Our company will replace your roof with an equal or better material installed with the highest and utmost professionalism. We will pay to pull necessary permits and to have your completed roof inspected by the appropriate city official.

Do You Require A Deposit?
No up-front payment is required.

Do You Use Day Laborers?
No, we do not use day laborers. We have 75 years of combined experience working with our crews. Each crew is required to hold their own insurance, equal to our company's two million dollars in general liability insurance. We will not work with any crews who are not insured.

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up if I File a Claim?

No, an insurance company cannot refuse to renew your policy or raise your rates for filing a weather-related claim (hail, wind, lighting). However, they can refuse to renew your policy if you have three or more non-weather-related claims.


Unfortunately there are scam artists in the roofing industry. A few things to be aware of when speaking to someone who simply knocks on your door are: (1) Paying money upfront: A reputable contractor will not ask for money for material or work not completed yet. (2) Substantially lower bids: If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is a scam. (3) They don’t provide proof of insurance. (4) Submitting 2 invoices: one to the homeowner and one to the insurance company at an inflated price. Integrity Roofing Services, Ltd., has built hundreds of roofs in Denver since 2004 with a solid work ethic and trustworthy reputation.